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Zhejiang Huayi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Huadong Medicine Group Zhejiang Huayi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to ZHP) is a Chinese-Spanish joint venture, located in Yiwu city (350km south of Shanghai), Zhejiang province. It is a national Hi-tech Enterprise and Demonstrating Enterprise of Innovation. ZHP is a company of very close relationship with East-China Pharmaceutical Group, as well as a significant partner of Esteve Group in Asia.

Esteve Group is one of the largest pharmaceutical groups in Spain and it has made a remarkable contribution to the health and happiness of the people in Spain and other countries in the world since its establishment in 1929.East-China Pharmaceutical Group is only one of the 15 enterprises from pharmaceutical industry that are strongly supported by the Zhejiang provincial government and it is also listed in the rank of the top 500 enterprises assessed by China State Economic and Trade Commission.

This plant has been designed on the concept of separated workshops, allowing a complete flexibility for dedicated units and/or multipurpose ones.

A wide range of reactors (Stainless steel, Glass-lined type) from 10-L to 5000-L affords a great flexibility for the multistep synthesis of advanced intermediates or API's. The workshops are fully equipped with the auxiliary equipment (centrifuges and dryers) to isolate the product under cGMP.

The plant is in full compliance with the current environmental regulations and has its own Biological waste water treatment plant and several distillation columns for solvent recovery. ZHP has been focusing on being a Reliable Supplier for APIs and Final Dosage Form and a Strategic Partner for Custom Synthesis as well.

Address:No.15 Shuangfeng Rd., Fotang, Yiwu, Zhejiang 322002, China
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