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Incentive guarantee

Huayi put forward the slogan of "making good use of talents and treating talents well", so as to create a relaxed environment for talents to give full play to their professional expertise. In the final analysis, the competition of enterprises is the competition of talents. The first is to use talents boldly and put talents in important positions. The board of directors and management team have strong market analysis and insight, high quality of production, marketing, technology and management team, unity and upward of staff team and good labor relations, which are the foundation of enterprise development. Since the establishment of the company, the staff of the company has been very stable, and the employee turnover rate is less than 5% every year.

Huayi's main practices in talent construction are:

1. Sign labor contract.

According to the relevant provisions of the national labor law, the company has signed a labor contract of five years or more with the officially employed middle-level cadres and technical backbone, and a labor contract of three years with the officially employed ordinary staff. At present, the labor contract rate signed by on-the-job formal employees has reached 100%. In 2006, the company won the "Yiwu urban and rural overall employment Award".

2. Pay social security and all kinds of insurance.

By July 2007, the company had fully paid social endowment insurance, industrial injury insurance and other work.

3. Strengthen the training of employees.

Huayi always adheres to the "talent development" strategy, focuses on cultivating high-level operation and management talents, high-level professional and technical personnel, high-quality export-oriented talents and high skilled workers, gradually constructs an all-round and all staff learning and education system, cultivates enterprise culture, enhances comprehensive strength, and continuously improves the lasting innovation and competitiveness of the enterprise. The company has developed a sound training management system, including pre job training, employee continuing education and training, company employee expatriate training and other systems. At the same time, each employee of each department has a detailed training plan. Through scientific planning, the company has trained the personnel of production, quality, engineering and other departments in GMP knowledge, post operation and other aspects, so as to improve the operation level of employees Comprehensive quality, through GMP learning and implementation, has laid a solid foundation for enterprise standardization, standardized production and management.

4. The party, industry and Youth League organizations of the company have been established.

The company has established the Party committee and Youth League Committee of Zhejiang Huayi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., which plays a guarantee role for the enterprise to implement the party's principles and policies and national laws and regulations. At the same time, the company has also established a trade union, focusing on uniting and uniting employees and safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of all aspects, which has promoted the healthy development of the enterprise.

5. Gradually cultivate corporate culture.

Although the development process of the company is not long-term, Huayi people who dare to be the first have taken into account the overall situation and understood the general situation in the process of developing new products, GMP certification and ISO14001 environmental system certification; The spirit of unity, forge ahead, self-improvement and daring to be the first is worthy of affirmation and development, and is gradually sublimated into corporate culture. At present, the company has the internal Journal of Huayi people and Huayi briefing, which fully shows the spiritual outlook of Huayi people. I believe that practicing the corporate culture of Chinese righteousness at work will further enrich and enhance its connotation, make its theory targeted and practical significance, and condense the hearts of all employees of the company.

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