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Huayi pharmaceutical attaches importance to the EHS problem in the production process. In order to promote the coordinated development of economy, society and EHS, the company has formulated and implemented a series of sustainable and harmonious development measures. Determine environmental protection, safety production and employee health as the basic development policies.

Adhere to incorporate EHS into the company's long-term development plan and economic plan, ensure EHS investment, make overall consideration and coordinated development of EHS protection, production, service and sales. Establish an integrated EHS system covering the requirements of social responsibility SA8000 to ensure the company's environmental, safety, health and social responsibility and continuous improvement. Accelerate the pace of technological innovation and transformation, strengthen the research on end treatment technology, continue to implement and promote cleaner production, increase recycling, and truly implement the circular economy. Strengthen, strengthen and increase publicity, education and training to improve employees' awareness of EHS and social responsibility. Promote international cooperation in EHS protection.

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